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IATD’s LIVE WEBINAR with Dr. Rajan is a power packed, life changing session for all those who are aspiring to become a trainer or a coach.

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14th February 2021 Sunday 10.30AM to 12.30PM.

About The Event

Training, Speaking and Coaching is one of the most rewarding, gratifying and celebrated professions as the need for upskilling, reskilling and continuous learning are sky-high. If you are aspiring to be a powerful force of change in the society by impacting lives, then Training and Coaching can be the best way forward to you.

IATD’s LIVE WEBINAR with Dr.Rajan is a power packed, informative and a must attend session for all those who are aspiring to become a trainer or a coach.

IATD – Indian Academy of Training & Development is founded by Dr Rajan with the mission to empower people in the self-improvement industry and has created 1000s of professionals in the training industry today who are making a huge mark in our country as IATD certified Trainers and Coaches.

The webinar provides the entire information about IATD s first of its kind, complete professional online live Train the Trainer program to become a world class trainer and achieve the most acclaimed IATD’s Diploma in Training & Development.


What will you learn?

1. How can you become a training professional & what is the process?

Dr Rajan being an incredible story teller in his own style takes you through his life journey on how he became a trainer and the story is one of the most inspiring in the training industry for anyone to relate with and understand the process to begin the journey in becoming a trainer.


You will get a thorough insight on the entire scope of Corporate Trainer, Motivational Speaker, Coach, Mentor, Knowledge Giver and Alchemist in the self improvement industry.

3.your Prerequisites to become a Trainer:

What is the qualification to become a Trainer? Is it knowledge, experience, age, fluency in language or expertise in Public Speaking? The answer is NO. The one & the only prerequisite to become a trainer is… ( Dr.Rajan will reveal this secret in the webinar)

4. Training is an IMPACT – How can you create it?

In this thought provoking and mind stimulating part of the webinar Dr Rajan takes you through the four important dimensions in a trainer’s profile one needs to develop so that every time you face an audience or take a session you create a huge impact in people and transform their lives.

5. Professional Knowledge that creates you a leader in the idustry

  1. 4 approaches to Training Need Analysis to create cutting edge learning experiences.
  2. How to design professional training modules that hold relevance to your clients?
  3. Designing, Structuring and Developing Break through training orders.
  4. Complete life cycle of designing and delivering corporate training orders.
  5. Measuring and Evaluating training programs. How to design continuous training modules.

6. How can you monetize and grow professionally in training:

  • 2 ultimate marketing secrets in winning corporate clients.
  • 3 different approaches to Public Workshops.
  • 6 proven ways to get started as a Training professional.
  • Creating digital assets that can help you earn continuous passive income.



Dr. M. Rajan is the Founder of ZEAL, Speak Easy and IATD. Recipient of the esteemed Acharya Award for Training and Inspirational Communicator Award, Author ‘I Love Living’, NLP Master Practitioner, Most Acclaimed Master Trainer with 25 years’ experience in Training & Coaching. He is a recipient of honorary doctorate in Personal Excellence & Life Mastery with specialization in Transformational Leadership. Dr. Rajan has touched the lives of 2 million people from various spectrums, helping out people to realize their potentials.

One of the most sought after motivational speaker and trainer is known for his extraordinary ability to blend humour, story-telling, insights, and practicality. He combines powerful lessons, unique stories, tons of energy and enthusiasm to make every training session a memorable one.

Dr. Rajan has appeared as a life coach on numerous television channels and Radio shows including Doordarshan, Jaya TV, Sun TV, Vijay TV, Raj TV, Big FM, Suriyan FM, All India Radio etc. Articles featuring him have been published in India Today, The Hindu, Times of India, Frozen Thoughts, Ritz, Kaki, Kumudam etc.

“I Love Living” authored by Dr. Rajan and published by JAICO is a practical, powerful book for effective living. The contents of this book are taken from spontaneous speeches delivered by Dr. Rajan in his “Wisdom” sessions. Each speech is a thought – provoking tool to spark your life. The book is available in all leading book stores in India and abroad


What IATD Certified Trainers Say

I never imagined I could become a trainer till I attended Rajan’s leadership training during 1998. It was Rajan who helped me realize the trainer within and transform me into a world class professional in the training industry. Over the past two decades I have trained several 100’s of corporate companies including HP, TCS, IBM, Wipro, HSBC, Ford and many more in India as well as abroad. IATD’s Train the Trainer program is to my knowledge, the most comprehensive in the world today giving a 360 degrees of experience to anyone who pursues to become a Trainer.
Manoj Keshaw – Founder, Nxt NLP

In 2013, when I was aspiring to become a trainer, IATD’s Train the Trainer program gave me the much required breakthrough and insight into the training industry. I learnt how to create various training modules, how to deliver training sessions with great impact and also how to reach out to the market and get my training orders. This enabled me with the confidence to start my first training company during IATD’s program itself. If you are looking to become professional in training industry, I would say IATD is the best place for you.
Ganesh – Emotional Intelligence Trainer, EQ Universe


IATD is India’s most comprehensive workshop of 250 hours duration.Run Pan India by an extremely energetic and dedicated Team of Trainers under the able leadership of Dr Rajan M.The course ware , program schedule and approach ensures each one is engaged and becomes fully equipped to be a skilled resource in Training Profession.I will recommend you to first participate in the pre event seminar and finally sign up for the course .You will experience a transformational TTT experience.You may be a Trainer , Coach, Entrepreneur ,Aspiring to be a corporate trainer or any induvidual in persuit of techinical training skills.The IATD module run across cities is recommended for one and all Rajesh IdnaniDirectorQC Acumen Pvt.Ltd.

Rajesh Idnani  recommends IATD.

Really IATD, not only a Training and development academy, it is INSTANT TRANSFORM ACADEMY. below things you nurture thro IATD.PEOPLE from different age.Proven Experience, you learn from experienced and expert transformers.Dr. Manoj, Vaanmathi, Devika and Priya and Ofcourse our trainer guru Dr.Rajan and Guide Anjali.definitely these 250 days ran as 25 days, we learned a lot and it helped us to transform everyone in both personal and Professional life.I Thanks team Leads Mr.Arun, DP, Neeta, Dr.gayathri, Vaideey, Sagar and Alfred, Irfan, Sathya and lot more people inspired me a lot. I am fortunate to have a such a great peoples to meet and excellent opportunity in my life, which i doubt future will give.

Arumugam Lokanathan

The 3 months comprehensive Train the Trainer course that I attended in IATD has helped me in setting up my career & business in the Training industry. It’s all thanks to mentors like Dr. Rajan and Manoj Keshav that today I am a respected name in the field with some esteemed clients like ITC, SAP labs and Mercedes Benz to my credit. A highly recommended course for anyone aspiring to be a Trainer.
Urmila Mitra Chandy

IATD’s TTT program gave me the courage to quit my successful transcription business and step into the training industry with confidence. The uniqueness of IATD’s TTT is the structure and the duration of the program. The transformation of an individual who is hesitant to give a 90-second talk in the first week to a trainer delivering a 90-minute session in the final week of the program is amazing.
Vigneswari Abraham – VA Energy Coach


IATD is not just place that trains you to become a trainer but beyond that. The transformation that Rajan and other faculties had will make it clear to you that Training is not a mere profession but much more than that. If you want to develop your life skills holistically then this is the institute you will get much more than you look for. I wish IATD to reach great heights.

Pavel Musthafa  recommends IATD.

Truly said by Dr. Rajan, you cannot become a trainer or a speaker in three day mastery workshop.. At IATD, the focus is not only on making their trainers master trainer but also on making them a better being.A turning point in anybody’s life. From transforming you from better to best makes IATD best in the self improvement industry..

Payal Khuurana  recommends IATD.

IATD brought me into the training industry and redefined my life exploring my potential in empowering people. Dr. Rajan is unquestionably the most inspiring mentor one can have in the self improvement industry. With his midas touch he has created 1000s of professionals in the training industry and I shall always be honored to call my self as an IATD certified trainer mentored by Dr. Rajan.
Dr. R. Vijaya Saraswathy – CEO – Godwin Academy
‘I wanted to become a successful trainer so I joined IATD in 2018.
IATD Train The Trainer program is the best program available in India for aspiring trainers. It’s methodical approach not only helps in becoming a reputed trainer but also equips you to grow a training businesses in manifold. I owe my success to IATD train the trainer program’
Raja Singho, author and book coach


I did the Train the Trainer from IATD in the year 2014 and I must say the program is a true game changer in my life. I explored my public speaking and training capabilities and am so happy to have a career in Training Industry. From being an IT professional to becoming a Corporate Trainer, the journey was so smooth because of this program. Dr.Rajan and Mr.Manoj are extraordinary trainers who genuinely help every participant with loads of knowledge, skills and attitude that is required to shine in this profession. I am always grateful to IATD and the mentorship I received as a student from this academy. 🙏
Padmapriya – Goldmage
IATD prepares you to explore the world of training. The course is beautifully designed to accommodate all people with different time options. The curriculum is vast, yet aptly chosen . The trainers under the mentorship of Dr Rajan groom the students very well. I thank Dr Rajan & all at IATD to help me become a Trainer & Facilitator.

Prakash Savkoor  recommends IATD.

Much recommended if you want to learn the fine skills of being a trainer or like me wanting to do a refresher course… More so if you want to connect to your soul as a trainer & the bonds you develop that would last a lifetime.

Monesha Chaudhary Aversare

It’s one of the best training programs in the country. The program is trainee oriented and transformational. More than turning great trainers we are groomed to be better human beings. It brings about a 360° change in the way we perceive life and the challenges it brings .It inspires a person fighting stage fear to fall in love with the microphone and the crowd. The 250 hours of the exciting journey gets over even before you realize and leaves you yearning for more. It knits together all the group members and they bond as one family.The trainer’s led by the inspirational Dr Rajan give their very best in a friendly environment to make it a memorable journey.A program at IATD has to be experienced to get a real feel.👍

Ramanujam Seshadri  recommends IATD.


I did the course in Mumbai – batch 1 which was done in between Feb – May 2017. Absolutely wonderful. The course content, practical experience along-with the dedicated faculty made it an absolutely great experience. In-fact, the course gave me so much confidence that I have switched my career and become a full time Corporate Trainer. Thanks to Dr. Rajan and his team for designing and delivering such a course. God Bless you all.
Raghupillai –
An extensive experiential training institute offering the best ever Train The Trainer master diploma program for all aspiring trainers!
Ramya Arun – Director – Wizdo



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