Neuro Lingustic Programming Practitioner / Master Practitioner Course

Programme Trainer : Mr. Manoj Keshav ( Director of Training – IATD)

Neuro – Linguistic Programming (NLP) is a way of thinking and set of skills that leads to Excellence. NLP is the study of what works, especially of what works well. NLP is a simple, skilful method for studying what goes inside a person – the processes people use to build their unique, distinctive maps or models of the world.
NLP is about how the brain works, how people think, feel interact with others, make choices and achieve desired results. NLP helps us to unpack these unconscious programs and helps to bring about a change where required, not just at the surface level but of our deep structures within our mind. NLP enables us get in touch with our incredible inner potential and achieve breakthrough results at workplace and in life.
Neuro Lingustic Programming leads us back to our senses by the use of sensory acuity exercises. The purpose, of course, is gradually to get back in contact with our self determining, self – regulating, self integrating, self balancing process, thus enabling us to stand on our own feet.

Benefits :

  • Learn things about yourself that you didn’t know before.
  • Eliminate unwanted fears and behavioural patterns.
  • Accelerate your ability to learn.
  • Discovering the essence of excellence.
  • Receive feedback in a way that enables you to grow stronger and wiser.
  • Heighten your awareness of yourself and others.
  • Develop your ability to tap into your unconscious mind and draw on its superior power and potential.
  • Gaining the ability to steer your response to people and events around you.
  • Capitalize on the connection between language and neurological processes.
  • Have multiple perspectives on a situation to gain choice and leverage.
  • Enhance Effectiveness, Influence and Personal Power.
  • Keys to achieving exceptional breakthrough results.

Manoj Keshav, author of “The Life Transforming Power of NLP” is a Dynamic Speaker and Master Trainer known for the depth in knowledge that he brings to his classes.
As a Professional Trainer, he has more than a decade of training experience in Leadership Development, Unleashing Creativity and Personality Enhancement. Being a Master Practitioner in NLP and a Psychologist, he brings the latest development and advances in psychology, neuroscience and behavioural science to help people tap their incredible inner potential and soar to new heights of success and fulfillment.

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