India's Most Comprehensive Train the Trainer Program

Training is no easy task. It is an art form that requires craft, creativity, mastery of specific skills and intelligence. Like any other professional activity, training requires well nurtured and cultivated abilities. IATD’s – Train The Trainer program is carefully thought-out, authentically designed and passionately delivered to give one a complete experience in transforming self as well to bring a transformation in other’s lives. This intensive 250 hours of class room training exposes the participants to four major dimensions of a trainer:

  • Source of Inspiration
  • Source of Information
  • Source of Entertainment
  • Source of Transformation

IATD’s program is crafted to create a life transforming attitudinal shift in the minds of the participants in building harmonious relationships, within and without, enabling them to become the most likable trainers and an inspiration to every participant.

Through step by step method the program trains the participants to achieve professional mastery in their delivery skills in public speaking and presentation equipping them to create an impact every time when the stand to speak and touch excellence as a trainer in their class room. It helps them master the art of bringing an emotional connect with the participants by learning to create powerful scripts that are life changing and everlasting in the minds of the participants. Ultimately the program takes one to the entire depth of training as a profession to realise the power of transformation, the most rewarding and enriching experience in the participant’s life in enduring the profession called training.

IATD also gives special & unique hands on experience by Dr. Rajan himself as a residential program to learn and master the art of conducting Out Bound Workshops in Leadership and Team Building creating a new era of possibilities for every participant to specialise as a corporate trainer.

Not just this, IATD believes in being completely professional in its approach and trains people in the entire sales and marketing aspects of the profession to ensure total independence in them to take up the profession as a trainer in the industry of self-improvement. Above all Dr Rajan personally trains the participants in the art of Selling from Stage installing the highest level of mastery in presentation skills and selling skills to effortlessly succeed in running public seminars as a trainer. At the end of the program all participants create their own signature programs, design, structure and deliver the same along with the entire marketing concepts implemented within the batches to promote the program. This gives every participant an opportunity to experience the entire art of the training profession inside the class room, making them a sure shot success in the industry after the course.

This ultimate journey of transformation from within, metamorphosing the participant to become a trainer and transform the lives of others, truly makes IATD a one of its kind, Master Piece curriculum in the category of Train the Trainer programmes in this country.

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