About Us

“Success is your Birth Right” Inspired by this belief in 1996, IATD was founded by Dr.M.Rajan, Recipient of Honorary Doctorate in Personal Excellence and Life Mastery with specialization in Transformational Leadership  and the coveted Acharya award for Personal Effectiveness Training and  Author of “I love living”,  with a singular mission to help people realize and actualize their potential. Through its commitment to professionalism and continuous improvement has earned the name as the most credible organization for personal effectiveness and leadership training in India ever since 1996. IATD’s Signature programs are time tested, well researched and professionally delivered to achieve a paradigm shift in participant’s believes, thoughts, words, actions and lives. IATD has left a trail of exceptional success stories and transformation of participants for more than 20 years with its various programs. People from all walks of life have experienced the positive change. On the corporate side, IATD has trained over 200 organizations ranging from IT, manufacturing,service, banking, educational institutions, hospitals, police department and many more.



Masters Diploma in Training & Development

4 Month Professional Master Diploma in Training and Development to become a Certified Corporate Trainer, Success coach, Motivational Speaker or a Mentor.Key Topics : Public Speaking / Presentation Skills, Instructional Design, Developing Breakthrough Training Modules, Experiential Learning Methodologies, Delivering High Impact Training Programmes, Digital and Social Media Marketing, Image and Brand Building, Selling from Stage.



Introductory seminar - Master Diploma in Corporate Training

3 hour Introductory Seminar will cover in detail how the Training Industry works and how to enter this industry in an organized and professional manner.It will also cover the entire curriculum of the course, class timings, fee structure and the career opportunities after completion of the course.